OPAVIVARÁ! Geodesic Structure

Solaroca is an installation conceived by OPAVIVARÁ! collective, designed and built by Bambutec Design. Solaroca is a temporary structure erected for the International Art Fair in Rio de Janeiro – ArtRio. It was assembled in the beach of Marina da Glória at the Flamengo Park.

Solaroca creates a beach-like environment under the roof of a geodesic structure and multicolored umbrellas. The circular shape of the dome makes reference to the Brazilian indigenous houses (ocas). The colors of the umbrellas were chosen from the 8 shades of the LGBTQIA+ flag. A rainbow bomb and flowers of diversity blooming on the soil of Rio de Janeiro. The installation received the famous triple beach chairs created by the artist collective. It is immersed in the carioca culture with its vocation to occupy public spaces.

The dome applied a 2V geodesic structure using treated bamboo poles. The reciprocal joints were eccentric and used flexible textile ropes lashed handmade techniques. The roof utilized 110 beach umbrellas connected to the structure, covering an area of 102 sqm and a hemispherical surface of 204 sqm.

Solaroca is a mobile self-supporting structure, without the need of heavy foundations. The structure is fixed to the ground using lightweight steel anchorages. The mounting procedure is silent and with low environmental impact. The structure is fully reversible, can be packed and transported to another location sites.

Photos: Juan Dias