Deployable-bamboo-space-strucure-pavilion-1.jpg Ecogalpões-1.jpg Deployable-bamboo-space-strucure-pavilion-3.jpg

Deployable bamboo space stucture pavilion, PUC-Rio / Faperj

Deployable-Bamboo-Structure-Pavilion.jpg Galpao-Bambutec.jpg Deployable-Bamboo-Structure-Pavilion-1.jpg Deployable-bamboo-space-strucure-pavilion-4.jpg Deployable-bamboo-pantographic-gridshells.jpg Galpao-bambu-e-biocompositos.jpg Ecogalpões-8-.jpg Estruturas-de-bambu-Bamboo-structures-7.jpg Estruturas-de-bambu-Bamboo-structures-12.jpg

Bamboo stucture pavilion, Rio Summer Games

Galpao-bambu-Sesc-FLIP.jpg Sesc-FLIP-2016-2.jpg

Bamboo stucture pavilion, Sesc Paraty

Bamboo Space Structure Pavilions

The Ecopavilions are modular and deployable self-supporting structures of treated bamboo space trusses applying bio composites of cotton fabrics, raw clay and castor oil polymer. The roof uses bamboo pantographic gridshells, covered by tensioned textile membranes and flexible connections with textile polyester ropes and steel cables. The lightness and the mobility of the structural members, the manufacturing techniques and the bio-based materials favor the design of new forms for construction, the clean use of local installation, resulting in agile execution, little waste, little noise, low power consumption and low environmental impact. The project received financial support of Fundação Carlos Chagas Filho de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado do Rio de Janeiro FAPERJ.