Self-supporting bamboo structure with flexible joints

Non-conventional Materials and Technologies, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 7, pp. 391-402, 2018. Clique para acessar >>

L.E. Moreira; M. Seixas; J. Bina; J.L.M. Ripper

Resumo: This paper presents research results in the structural design and analysis of a selfsupporting
bamboo space structure. The developed structure presents a flexible connection system
and a tensile structural behaviour. The modular frame of the architecture applied hinged lashed
connections (HLC) in textile polyester ropes. The modular frame spans 15m width, 4m length and
7,5m high, using Phyllostachys pubescens bamboo culms. Nonlinear analysis of the structure under
static loadings carried out using the Finite Element Method (FEM) through the SAP 2000 software.
The analysis showed that loads induced by strong winds, overloads and self-weight are relatively low
for the structural members and the developed connections. The results demonstrate that the selfsupporting bamboo space structure meets the requirements of engineering design for safety. This
analysis opens a series of another computational analysis calibrated with mechanical tests to
determine natural frequencies and damping constant for the structure, demonstrating the potential to
be used in earthquake regions.