Prefabricated bamboo structure and textile canvas pavilions

Journal of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structure Vol. 57 No. 3, 2016. Clique para acessar >>

M.A. Seixas; J.L.M. Ripper; K. Ghavami

Resumo: This article presents a new typology to build deployable pavilions based on a mobile self-stabilizing bamboo structure. The architecture is characterized by lightweight space trusses of treated bamboo poles covered with a bio-composite made of cotton fabrics, clay, PVA glue and castor oil polymer. The connections of the deployable structure were developed using textile moorings, that minimized efforts on the assembly of the structural members. The roof consists of bamboo pantograph gridshells covered by tensioned PVC canvas. The assembling procedure employs prefabricated structural modules prepared on the floor of the building site and then lifted manually by a set of projected elevators. The method presents a simplified mounting and dismantling process of the structure. The proposed bamboo structure presents an easy adaptability without the need of a specific construction site for its assembly and needs only a mounting area. The mobility of the pavilion, the manufacturing techniques and the natural materials favored the design of new forms for construction, with clean use of local spaces. These considerations resulted in an agile execution with minimum waste, in addition to low energy consumption and low environmental impact for the production of the structure.