Bambutec is pioneer in the development of eco-friendly deployable structures for the events market in Brazil.

Born in PUC Rio’s Living Design (LILD) and Civil Engineering (GMTENC) labs, it was the first design and architecture company to be hatched up in the Genesis Institute of the University, from 2005 to 2008.

The company strengthened partnerships in order to provide high-quality products with certificate of origin and 100% Brazilian technology. We are strategic partners of PUC Rio, AMBTENC (Brazilian Association of Non-Conventional Materials and Technologies), the Civil Engineering Laboratory for Structural Systems (LASE) of the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Takê Bambu, Pano Digital and Brazilian Bamboo Network.

We act on the whole bamboo production cycle, which includes sustainable cultivation and management in plantations in the interior of the States of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Our bamboo poles are selected and harvested when they reach maturity. Then, poles are naturally dried and treated by means of smoking and heating according to each species. Our production is clean and non-pollutant, and respects the qualities of the plantation and the ecosystems it came from.

The materials used are part of a repertoire of durable pieces that allow assembling and re-assembling. The products created cover the design, manufacturing, consumption, and post-use stages, being fully recyclable and environmentally healthy. The assembly is carried out silently and makes use of processes with minimum local impact, does not produce waste, and preserves the original characteristics of the installation sites.

Our cutting-edge technology for lightweight building is developed from a pre-fabricated system that employs tied-up bamboos and tensioned textile surfaces, which results in natural spaces based on vegetal materials.